Simple Factors
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Original Product   Redesign  
  This is the main window of the MeetingMaker client. The redesign focused on bringing important functionality to the top with the addition of a task bar on the left; improving the presentation of the calendar to allow for greater readability while increasing information density; and creating a more approchable feel for the entire product.
  The schedule tab of the event dialog is used to select a time for a meeting while receiving information about guest availability. The redesign added to the amount of information available to a user while decreasing the size of the dialog.
  The proposals window lists incoming and outgoing proposals for meetings. The redesign simplified the organization structure and made it easier for users to act on a proposal without opening the event dialog.
  This preferences tab allows users to customize the look of the calendar. Although this is not a direct mapping, the redesign allowed for greater flexibility in the look of the calendar, while providing instant feedback on changes.
  ExpertMonitor is a web-based server monitoring tool. This window displays the status of a single server.
  The page for creating a server.
  Details of the status of single test, along with the test's history.
Office 98   Office X    
Excel chart tab with the orginal chart palette in Office 98, and with the chart formatting palette in Office X. Charting was one of the areas that received the most benefit from bringing common functionality out of dialogs and into the palette. The formatting palette also served as a much-needed tool for presenting a UI that did not cary the weight of 8 years of product history.
  The chart dialog in Excel. There was no change in functionality between versions, but the overall appearance was improved.
  Along with Excel and PowerPoint, Word benefited from restructured toolbars, the addition of the formatting palette and an updated look. User studies showed that careful selection of tools on the formatting palette not only improved usability, but had a great impact on user satisfaction.
  PowerPoint 98 and X.